Christmas Box Tradition!

I always love hearing about everyones’ Christmas traditions! It is amazing how everybody celebrates the Holidays in different ways. One of my favorite things about Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus with my closest family and friends. A few years ago, my family began a Christmas box tradition, and it is the part about presents and giving that I look forward to the most. Each person in my family has a certain person they create a Christmas box for. For example, I create a box for my sister, my mom creates one for my mamaw, and so on. On Christmas Eve night, my family gathers around the tree, after eating a delicious meal. As we gather around the tree, we all hand out our Christmas boxes to the person we create them for. We watch as we take turns opening them, anticipating what is inside. Inside the Christmas box we all buy the same 5 items. The items included in our Christmas Boxes are:

  • Christmas Pajamas
  • Slippers or socks
  • A mug
  • A snack
  • A surprise (the biggest and most exciting gift)

After opening our Christmas box, it is a tradition for my family to put their Christmas pajamas on, eat our snacks, and finish the night watching a Christmas movie! Having Christmas traditions, such as this one, creates memories and brings the family together with joy and happiness.

Even though I already know pajamas and a mug will be in my box, I can’t wait to see what the pajamas and mug look like that my sister bought for my special, unique, and thoughtful Christmas box!

If your family needs a new tradition or you’re getting married and just now starting a family, a tradition such as this one would be perfect for you to begin and cherish!

Please share your favorite Christmas traditions in the comments, I would love to read them all!  Have a GlitzandGlam Holiday season!

Merry Christmas!!

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