Red & Green Christmas Glam

No better way to show Christmas spirit than pairing red and green together! ❤️ Around Christmas, I try to wear as much red and green as possible! I want to show my love for the Holiday season by my attire. I finished up Christmas shopping in this bright, Christmas outfit!

I paired a plain, Crown and Ivy green shirt with a red vest. My dark, denim jeans are also Crown and Ivy and were purchased at Belk. My Ugg boots are so warm, cozy, and perfect for winter! I wore a brown belt to compliment my boots. OH AND OF COURSE.. I found another reason to wear my favorite Santa earrings and necklace. 🎅🏼

If you click on the links below, you will find where to purchase my outfit! I hope you find Christmas inspiration in my pictures! Leave a comment below, telling me your favorite statement piece in your closet for Christmas.

Crown and Ivy Jeans

Green Crown and Ivy shirt

Red Vest

Click below, and you can find where to purchase Ugg boots, Santa jewelry, and a brown belt:


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