Glam Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration:

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of love! Also, I think it is a time for women to look glam and feminine. Pinks, reds, silvers, and golds are all colors you want to mix into your wardrobe for that special day on February, 14th. I put together two outfits for you from my closet.

For the first look, I paired together pink and navy! This crown and Ivy, plaid shirt pairs perfectly with a pink vest. Also, pearl jewelry will pull this look together, making you look so glam and girly! This top and vest can be paired with navy pants, jeans, or your favorite skirt. Brown booties look so cute with navy and pink and would look perfect for a date night!

Pink Vest / Plaid Shirt / Boots

For the second look, I went with a glam, but edgy Valentine’s Day feel! Red and black pair so perfectly together! To glam up a red vest, I paired this attire with glitter and glam jewelry! If you want to go for a more edgy look, wear a red vest with leather leggings or black jeans. Also, these black booties are fun, edgy, and the bow brings a girly touch.  Curl you hair, and your ready for a fun and romantic date!

Red Vest / Black Tee / Leather Leggings / Boots 

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