Fashionable Teacher Style: Crown and Ivy Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with the brand, Crown and Ivy, sold at Belk. In my opinion, Crown and Ivy is classy, preppy, glam, and fun! As a teacher, I find that Crown and Ivy gives me a chance to look glam and girlie while still following the work dress code. I have so many dresses, leggings, tops, and accessories that are Crown and Ivy. I mean, when my colleagues like my outfit, they ask if I’m wearing Crown and Ivy.

Recently, I walked into Belk and my favorite brand was having a HUGE SALE!!! multiple Crown and Ivy items on sale for $15.00 and under…… I WAS THRILLED!!!!!!!!! Many items on sale are items that transition well into the spring and summer months, so WIN WIN!!!!

This sweater was purchased for a little under $15.00. I love the bright colors, and lace details. The sleeves add such a girlie look! Also, who doesn’t love stripes?? I thought this sweater paired perfectly with navy pants, which are also Crown and Ivy!! This sweater would even pair perfectly with white jeans or a cute denim skirt and sandals in the spring months.

I paired this sweeter with a cute, navy bubble necklace. I love big, bold jewelry with stripes. Also, jewelry is a way to really glam up any outfit!

This look would be perfect for a day at work, a shower or party, or even a date night! I hope you all take advantage of this sale and stock up while supplies last!!

Have a Glitz and Glam day!



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