5 Items Every Woman Needs for Spring:

  1. A Striped Tee: A striped, casual tee is a must this spring. Stripes are more popular than ever and such a fun way to add details to any attire. Add stripes to your wardrobe, and you’re in style!
  2. Tory Burch Sandals: Let me start out by saying, Tory Burch sandals are a must! Seriously, these shoes get so many compliments every time I wear them. You can dress casual, throw on these sandals and look so put together! Tory Burch adds glam to any casual or dressy outfit.
  3. Jean Overalls: How exciting is it that overalls are back?? I am loving the cute overall trend this spring. Throw on a cute striped tee, sweatshirt, or button up under your overalls and you’re ready for the runway! You will look super trendy!
  4. Quay Sunglasses:Quay shades are my new obsession! They are so affordable and stylish. The lenses have a mirror appeal to them, making them so unique and fun. Quay has mastered style and affordable for all!
  5. A Round Bag or A Straw Bag: It is no secret, straw and round bags are BACK and SUPER STYLISH! I have seen all the blogger babes carrying these bags. Add a cute straw bag with your striped tee or overalls and you’re set! While many are way overpriced,  I have found and linked a few that will not break your wallet!

Click on the widget below to shop these 5 must items for spring: 

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