Fashionable Teacher Style: Crown and Ivy Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with the brand, Crown and Ivy, sold at Belk. In my opinion, Crown and Ivy is classy, preppy, glam, and fun! As a teacher, I find that Crown and Ivy gives me a chance to look glam and girlie while still following the work dress code. I have so many dresses, leggings, tops, and accessories that are Crown and Ivy. I mean, when my colleagues like my outfit, they ask if I’m wearing Crown and Ivy.

Recently, I walked into Belk and my favorite brand was having a HUGE SALE!!! multiple Crown and Ivy items on sale for $15.00 and under…… I WAS THRILLED!!!!!!!!! Many items on sale are items that transition well into the spring and summer months, so WIN WIN!!!!

This sweater was purchased for a little under $15.00. I love the bright colors, and lace details. The sleeves add such a girlie look! Also, who doesn’t love stripes?? I thought this sweater paired perfectly with navy pants, which are also Crown and Ivy!! This sweater would even pair perfectly with white jeans or a cute denim skirt and sandals in the spring months.

I paired this sweeter with a cute, navy bubble necklace. I love big, bold jewelry with stripes. Also, jewelry is a way to really glam up any outfit!

This look would be perfect for a day at work, a shower or party, or even a date night! I hope you all take advantage of this sale and stock up while supplies last!!

Have a Glitz and Glam day!



Glam Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration:

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of love! Also, I think it is a time for women to look glam and feminine. Pinks, reds, silvers, and golds are all colors you want to mix into your wardrobe for that special day on February, 14th. I put together two outfits for you from my closet.

For the first look, I paired together pink and navy! This crown and Ivy, plaid shirt pairs perfectly with a pink vest. Also, pearl jewelry will pull this look together, making you look so glam and girly! This top and vest can be paired with navy pants, jeans, or your favorite skirt. Brown booties look so cute with navy and pink and would look perfect for a date night!

Pink Vest / Plaid Shirt / Boots

For the second look, I went with a glam, but edgy Valentine’s Day feel! Red and black pair so perfectly together! To glam up a red vest, I paired this attire with glitter and glam jewelry! If you want to go for a more edgy look, wear a red vest with leather leggings or black jeans. Also, these black booties are fun, edgy, and the bow brings a girly touch.  Curl you hair, and your ready for a fun and romantic date!

Red Vest / Black Tee / Leather Leggings / Boots 

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The Timeless Valentine’s Day Gift: Unique Wood Watches by Jord

I have found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any man or woman in your life! A timeless gift from Jord Watches! Finding the perfect gift is not easy, but JORD’S is here to help! Jord’s has a selection of 12 stunning watch series. Their watches are stunning and carry so much meaning. When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of love, memories, special moments, and of course jewelry.

Jord’s Wood Watches tell more than just time, they share special moments! Any Jord’s watch can be engraved. Share your LOVE NOTE on a back plate or on Jord’s cedar watch box for a personal, sweet touch!  How special would it be to engrave a special date such as:  an engagement, wedding, or birth of a child. You could also engrave a meaningful song or Bible verse. The options are timeless!

For this valentines Day, I gave a Jord Wood Watch to my big man! My dad has always taught me to trust in the Lord, and I remember growing up he would read verses from the Bible at night to my sister and I. So, for Dad’s Valentine’s Day watch, I had Matthew 19:26 engraved. Through difficult times in life, dad always reminded me to not worry, place my troubles in God’s hands because …… With God ALL things are possible!

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating with the ones you love and a Jord watch is a perfect gift for anyone special in your life – your spouse, finance, parent, or partner in crime. Jord’s watches help you tell a story on why your Valentine deserves to be celebrated.. not only on February 14th, but all year long!

For my sweet followers, JORD’S WATCHES is teaming up with Glitz and Glam to give one of my followers a $100 gift code to spend on their website to help you with Valentine’s Day shopping. Just go to

Also, to view or purchase a watch click on the links below!

Wooden Wrist Watch

Happy shopping and Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Dad’s watch

Snow Day/Fun Day

Snow brings out the kid in all of us! In my opinion, you’re never too old to play in the snow. Since I was little, my dad, sister, and myself have always loved going outside to have fun in the snow. This year was no different! Considering the bitter cold weather, we  only lasted outside for twenty minutes. They took a few photos for me and then we took turns and sled down my long, curvy driveway. I love making memories in the snow with my sweet family!

For this snow day, I wore a Marley Lilly monogrammed vest, my favorite gray winter coat, a pink beanie, pink gloves, and of course Hunter boots. Honestly, I love the pop of pink in this outfit. Adding a beanie and gloves really accessorize and glam up any cold, snowy attire.

I hope those who received snow enjoyed it and I hope all find inspiration in this fun, but glam snow day attire!

Shop my outfit:

Vest / Jacket / Jeans / Boots  

For any beanie and scarf click here and use code glitzandglam20 to receive 20% off.

Snowy, Cozy, and Warmth: Winter Style

Hello, Glitz and Glam family, I hope everyone is staying warm this week! Another snow storm occurred in Kentucky today and frigid cold weather is in the forecast. In the winter months, my favorite attire would be cozy and cute! Who doesn’t love cozy sweaters, scarves, and beanies? One amazing thing I love about winter attire is cute accessories.

One trend that I am loving this winter are beanies. There is literally a beanie in every color and I love the cute pom poms on the top! Beanies are a fun, easy way to accessorize and make any casual attire look glam! Beanies help create a girly and cozy look for all women.

I am loving this gray sweatshirt dress from Belk. The gray thick dress has white draw strings and a hoodie for a cozy, glam feel. I love the details on the side. The cute zippers really add an edge feel and you can adjust the zippers to your liking. With this dress, I wore charcoal gray leggings and a gray and with beanie. I am in love with the white stripe and pop pom on this beanie. Also, it kept me nice and warm during this photoshoot……which is a plus!

My cute boxer, Gus, had to get in on the action in my photoshoot! He is trying to make his way into the fashion industry as well. Seriously, he followed me around and was making his appearance in the majority of photos. Also, Gus loves styling in his adorable plaid sweater.

All outfit details can be found here.



My dress is not on Belk’s website, but I recently caught it on sale in stores. The brand is True Craft. I have linked one very similar! Have a Glitz and Glam week!

Long Lasting Make-Up

When working long hours, it is important for me to find beauty products that will last all day! I am a make-up junkie and love the feeling of walking into Sephora or Ulta. I have tested many products, but finally found make-up products that blend well, last all day, and looks fabulous on the skin! 

To shop any product mentioned, click the link at the bottom of this post!


For the face, I am obsessed with Estee Lauder Double Wear! This foundation is like glue and lasts ALL DAY LONG! It is a full coverage foundation, and it is my favorite one to wear in photo shoots. Double wear foundation blends perfectly with a foundation brush ( my favorite brush is It Cosmetics) or a beauty blender. 

I also love drug store options, and the foundation I found from the drugstore that stays put for hours and is full coverage is Covergirl Outlast foundation. Honestly, I love to mix Estee Lauder and covergirl together when making that perfect shade for me. 

When I mention these foundations lasting all day, I mean it. I typically have my foundation on around 6:30 in the mornings, get off work around 3:40, and then I go to the gym. So, ladies, these foundations are even sweat proof. THEY ARE A MUST! 


Eyelid concelaeor: MAC soft ochre paint pot is my absolute favorite eyelid concealer. Yes, I apply this on my eye-lids as a primer. Paint pot cancels out any redness and helps my eye shadow stay fresh all day without creasing. It is also great for covering and hiding any blemishes. If your eye shadow does not last, paint pot is a must for you!

Under eye Concelaer: I have tried many under eye concealers and have fell in love with two. Tarte rainforest under eye concealer is my favorite. It blends amazing with a beauty blender, does not crease, and is medium to full coverage. I use undereye concealer to brighten, and this does just that! 

My second favorite under eye drugstore concealer is Fit Me from Maybelline. This is so similar to any high-end concealer I have used. I also blend this out with a beauty blender. 


Hands down, my favorite blush, that lasts all day without needing touched up is from Tarte. I love the 12-hour amazonian clay blush. This blush is so pigmented and truly lasts 12 hours, a teachers dream! 


My favorite bronzer palette is from Kat Von D. I mix all three shades together and use it to bronze up my outer forehead and underneath my cheek bones. This bronzer palette is long wearing, and has the perfect shades. 


Becca highlihter in Opal, is hands down the best highlighter on the market. A little goes a long way, it lasts all day, and looks amazing in photos. 

My favorite drugstore highlighter is Elf baked highlighter in moonlight pearl. Recently, I have found myself reaching for this highlter. It easily compares to high-end highlighters and is under $5. 

When taking photos, I love mixing Becca and Elf highlighters for that extra glow! 

Face Powder: 

There is only one face powder I will use. I claim this face powder for helping my make-up last all day, keeping shine away, and keeping my make-up in place. Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder is my favorite beauty item. This powder makes any foundation flawless, fills in poors, and blends like a dream! I dip my beauty blender in this powder to set my under eye concealer and use a powder brush to set the rest of the face. 

Eye Shadow:

The only eye shadow I have worn in a year is from Too Faced. I have tried many eye shadows, but they crease and do not blend well….. UNTIL I used Too Faced. Ladies, this eye shadow is so pigmented, blends quickly, and does not crease. Having an eyeshadow that blends easily makes applying makeup quicker, and quick is a must when waking up early everyday. I love the chocolate bar and peach palettes. 


I use It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil. It is the perfect shade, easy to use, and of course lasts all day long. 


For mascara, I mix two different ones from the drugstore. Covergirl lash blast and L’Oreal voluminous. These mascaras mixed, creates the perfect volume and length

Shop my favorite products by clicking on the link below://

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Who doesn’t love a pink pair of pajamas with crystal buttons? These glam, cozy Kate Spade pajamas are easily my favorite pair. If you read my Christmas Box Tradition post, you know that in my Christmas box I received a new pair of pajamas from my sister… and these are them! The mug was also in my Christmas box. Therefore, these pajamas and mug are so special and dear to me! 💗

I am a teacher and these cold temperatures and snow have cancelled school. So, of course my OOTD for the past week have been pajamas. Needless to say, these pajamas and hot coffee have been my best friend. When it’s cold, getting glammed up and venturing out becomes more and more difficult. So, glam pajamas are a must and are essential for freezing, winter months! These pink pajamas are trimmed in black, have crystal buttons, and on the pocket it says, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The pocket is one of my favorite parts because they go perfect with this crazy, cold Kentucky weather. For extra warmth, I am wearing pink fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks are a must with these single digit temperatures at night! And……. doesn’t pink and fuzzy scream cozy-glam??? 🤷‍♀️

I have an obsession… I mean a slight hoarder issue with buying cute coffee mugs! 🤦🏼‍♀️ This pink mug, with a gold ceramic handle, and eyelashes on the front brightens up my mornings and adds to my obsession of pink. Also, this mug is just so girly and glam! ✨💗

Even though it is cold outside, you can still find a way to glam and glitz in your own home! Kate Spade does a great job at helping women feel glamorous! ✨

Click here for the mug!

I will link these Kate Spade pajamas and socks below!

I hope my glitz and glam family stays warm and cozy! ❄️☕️